St. Mary Community Outreach Center

St. Mary Catholic Church, Wayne, Michigan, purchased and renovated this building in response to the growing needs of the surrounding communities.  After several long months, the Outreach Center was ready to serve the community. The St. Mary Community Outreach Center opened its doors to the public on September 3rd, 2003.  The Outreach Center is home to the Food Depot & the Open Closet.

Mission Statement

"People with the heart of a servant,
helping their brothers and sisters in need."

Food Depot 

"Sharing is Loving."

The St. Mary Food Depot is dedicated to providing food and other goods to those who require assistance in their time of need.  Please read our policy statement for documents required to receive food or visit our Contribute page for information on donating and/or contributing to the community.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Friday
9:30am - 1:00pm

9:00am - 11:00am

Wednesday, Thursday
9:00am - 12 noon


Open Closet

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, 
Thursday, Friday
10:00am - 1:00pm
Closed Wednesday

Access Fee: $1.00
Please read our policy statement
for entry requirement.


(734) 326-2234


Contribute to Your Community

"Donor's don't give to institutions.
They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe."
-G.T. Smith

The St. Mary Community Outreach Center relies on volunteers, donations, and sponsors to keep it running and able to support those who are in need. Even by something as simple as spreading the word, we hope to keep the Outreach Center running indefinitely to continue the vision of helping our brothers and sisters in need.


Volunteers are always welcome!
Contact the Outreach Center and ask for Judy.


Clothing, small household items, and unexpired food can all be donated during regular business hours. Please call (734) 326-2234 for the procedure to donate large household items such as furniture or appliances.

The Outreach Center is a 501C3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Make checks payable to:

St. Mary Community Outreach Center

Mail donations in care of:

St. Mary Catholic Church
34530 W. Michigan Avenue
Wayne, MI 48184-1748

Thank you for your continued support of our Community Outreach Center.


34646 Sims Street
Wayne, Michigan 48184-1748
Office (734) 326-2234


Food Depot Policy
We can provide assistance once every two months.
On your third consecutive visit, you are required to provide a letter from the Department of Human Services stating that you have:

  • applied for food stamps or
  • requested an increase in food stamps or
  • been denied a request for food stamps.

On each visit you must provide:

  • current Michigan State I.D. or driver's license with up-to-date address, Social Security card, and two (2) pieces of mail with matching address.
  • each additonal adult in the household must also have a current Michigan State I.D. or driver's license with up-to-date address, Social Security card, and two (2) pieces of mail with matching address.
  • each child must have three (3) pieces of identification: Birth Certificate and Social Security card are required. One (1) additional piece of I.D. can be any of the following: Medicaid card, insurance card, immunization records, full-time custody papers, or report card.
  • If you live outside the city of Wayne, you must present a current referral each time you require assistance from the Food Depot. Referrals must be used within 3-5 business day of issuance.

Open Closet Policy
The Open Closet is available to all in need and all items donated are given to those in need, however, we find it necessary to charge an access fee of $1 per adult entry.

This policy does not pertain to the Food Depot. This fee will be used to offset the operational costs of the Outreach Center.

We are happy to serve you!







Online Giving

Online Giving

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